Zoom G1X Multi-Effects Pedal

The G1X comes with a built-in expression pedal and a pedal assign key that makes it a snap to select the function operated by the pedal. Plus, you can switch the effect assigned to the expression pedal on and off by pressing up the pedal.

Korg AX5G

The AX5G modeling signal processor is a compact modeling effects processors with professional grade effects quality, a built-in expression pedal, and much more!

Line 6 Floor Pod

Floor POD unites the timeless sounds from POD® 2.0 with a greatly expanded set of premium effects. This slick, road-ready package gives you 32amp models, 16 classic cabs, 16 modulation effects (including chorus, flanger, and tremolo), 6 delay models, and 2 different types of reverb- all with ultimate tweakability.

Behringer Digital Delay DD100

The ultimate digital delay effects pedal, truly comparable to state-of-the-art studio processors. It features ultra-high 24-bit/24 kHz-resolution stereo delays/echoes with delay times of up to 1.3 seconds. Use the dedicated Level, Feedback and Time controls for terrific sound shaping.

Behringer Ultra Distortion UD100

If your gig calls for a pedal that can sing one minute and then scream the next, you will love the BEHRINGER Ultra Distortion UD100.

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