Gibraltar 5611DB Drum Pedal

Nothing is more important than that right feel to your pedal. Gibraltar offers four series of pedals to fit your playing style and budget

TPM 5A Tip

A Pair of Wooden 5A Drumsticks with nylon tips. Length: Approx. 16".Thickness: Approx. 16mm (0.6")

TPM 7A Special

With their light and short design, these drum sticks are great for jazz and light rock.

Vic Firth Drum Sticks

Buddy Rich: A modified 5A with a larger tip, neck, and shoulder. In hickory. L=16-5/16", Dia.=.590". eStick: designed specifically for today's electronic drums. Long taper also provides a great touch and sound on acoustic drums and cymbals. 16-1/2" long, with a .563 diameter. SAA2: For optimum response on timbales and cymbals. 16"L. .440" diameter.

Alice A043SE Maracas

Shake shake shake!

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